Ensure Regulatory Compliance and provide Legal access

Enforce document retention policies, prevent editing, control start & stop dates, log document use.


Sell ebooks, reports, courses whilst protecting your revenue

Stop unauthorized sharing, copying, printing. Enforce expiry and instantly revoke access.


Share Documents Securely enforcing your controls

Ensure only authorized third parties can use content. Control device usage and restrict location access.


Control document usage no matter where they reside

Remove the risk of incorrectly transmitting sensitive data. Enforce policy controls after distribution.


Protect your documents against leakage & theft

Stop unauthorised sharing, copying, printing. Enforce expiry and instantly revoke access

Welcome to Locklizard eCommerce Store Demo 


Welcome to the Locklizard eCommerce Store Demo.  This store uses some of the many features available in the Locklizard eCommerce module.

Here you will be able to see

  • what your customers experience when downloading your protected ebooks
  • how intergrating your shopping cart with the Locklizard eCommerce module enables users to be automatically added to the Locklizard administation system without manual involvement.

To get started, you need to create an account.  You can then download the ebooks secured by Locklizard for free.

Once you have gone through the checkout system (no payment required) you will receive a license email with instructions on downloading and registering the Viewer in order to view the ebooks you have downloaded.

This web site was developed by ProExe, who are familiar integrating Locklizard with various shopping cart systems.